How to contact someone on social media without being a creep!?

Okay, so social media has really been helpful to stay connected with our friends and family during these challenging times. Social media has also made it possible to access and share resources and reach out for help.

Prior to the pandemic as well, in recent years, social media has been a platform to connect for work, build your network and reach out for help apart from the obvious, that is to stay connected to people you know.

However, when you reach out to someone on social media for work, for some help or for any reason whatsoever, you may not always be welcome. So here are some tips on “how not be a creep on social media”:

  1. Firstly, messaging someone on social media whom you do not know personally without any specific purpose does not make sense and is generally not welcome.
  2. FYI, social media “does not equal” to dating sites, so please do not intend to use it that way.
  3. If you are messaging someone (whom you do not know personally or have not connected before) for a specific purpose, introduce yourself first and state the purpose upfront.
  4. Do not just send a “hi/hello” to a person you have not connected to before. Sending a “wave” does not help either. Be sure to introduce yourself and mention the purpose. Not everyone enjoys random conversations.
  5. You’re definitely a creep if you just send emojis and certainly rude if the first message is a thumbs up.
  6. If someone does not reply to your multiple “hi’s” please understand that the person is not interested in the conversation. Do not message again unless you have a valid reason. (Just “casual conversations” may not be a valid reason. Respect the other person’s privacy and time.) Go to point 1.
  7. Asking personal questions like “what are you doing?”, “did you eat?” etc., to someone you are not really close to is definitely an act of a creep.

Well, if you have been on the receiving end of point 7, this might be of help: